Epson Projector compatibility with Blustream Multi-Format Presentation Switchers


The team at Blustream were recently made aware of a potential incompatibility between a couple of commercial Epson projectors and our MFP (Multi-Format Presentation Switcher) products. 

After numerous tests, the scaling chip deployed in the Blustream units was found to be incorrectly interpreting the EDID response from the projector causing an inconsistency in the image reproduced from the scaled output of the MFP unit. This anomaly was represented in the top left hand corner of the image displayed, with some black bars and pixel loss.

Our engineers have created a specific firmware update to the MFP unit that resolves the issue with all tested Epson projectors. The specific Epson projectors known to have this incompatibility are as follows:

EB-585W - Ultra Short-Throw Projector (SKU: V11H602041)

EB-1985WU - Ultra-Bright Business Projector (SKU: V11H619041)

EB-G620W - PRODUCT DISCONTINUED - replaced with the EB-G7000 which Blustream has confirmed does not have this issue

For further information on this fix, please contact a member of the Blustream Technical department on or