Epson Projector compatibility with Blustream Multi-Format Presentation Switchers


The team at Blustream were recently made aware of a potential incompatibility between a couple of commercial Epson projectors and our MFP (Multi-Format Presentation Switcher) products. 

After numerous tests, the scaling chip deployed in the Blustream units was found to be incorrectly interpreting the EDID response from the projector causing an inconsistency in the image reproduced from the scaled output of the MFP unit. This anomaly was represented in the top left hand corner of the image displayed, with some black bars and pixel loss.

Our engineers have created a specific firmware update to the MFP unit that resolves the issue with all tested Epson projectors. The specific Epson projectors known to have this incompatibility are as follows:

EB-585W - Ultra Short-Throw Projector (SKU: V11H602041)

EB-1985WU - Ultra-Bright Business Projector (SKU: V11H619041)

EB-G620W - PRODUCT DISCONTINUED - replaced with the EB-G7000 which Blustream has confirmed does not have this issue

For further information on this fix, please contact a member of the Blustream Technical department on or


Just 3 Weeks until ISE 2017 - Exclusive new products from Blustream

Blustream is ready for a bumper start to 2017 and were pleased to announce the launch of several new video distribution and control solutions at ISE. Visitors to the show will get exclusive hands on access to the latest Custom Pro HDBaseT Matrix, the new Blustream Multi-Room AV Control App and the exciting Multicast UHD Video over IP.

The ‘new’ Custom Pro 4K Matrix achieves new levels of both performance and flexibility. AV installers can now easily specify their desired I/O structure and choose the additional control features required for a specific AV project. The Custom Pro Matrix has been specifically designed to operate in challenging AV environments. Its robust housing and interlocking board configuration make both installation and maintenance a seamless experience. Advanced optional features include audio breakout, simultaneous HDBaseT/HDMI outputs, RS-232 pass through and a web browser interface module for enhanced control and configuration.

- 2-Way and 4-Way Interchangeable input & output boards
- Optional control boards; IR Routing, Audio breakout, RS-232
- HDBaseT™ 2.0 specifications (coming soon) 
- HDCP 2.2 compliant
- Pre-configured PRO Matrix models available

We now offer dedicated control apps that significantly increase the control capability of our products. Configuration of your matrix and control of third party sources and displays has never been easier.

- Full configuration of advanced Blustream matrix controls
- Build a fully integrated multiroom AV control solution including third party sources and displays (requires Demopad Cloud account) 
- Fast and affordable integrated control for multi-room AV systems
- Intuitive personalised user interface

Multicast UHD Video over IP

Multicast UHD Video over IP - UK Training Dates Now Available

Multicast UHD from Blustream will deliver virtually latency free distribution of HDMI video over a 1GB Network switch. Using lossless compression technology, Multicast delivers HDMI, Bi-directional IR and RS-232 up to lengths of 100m over a single CAT cable. The products can be powered via PoE from the Network switch or locally should the switch not support PoE. The beauty of Multicast is its flexibility and ease of installation. The industry has been crying out for an advanced IP solution that can be installed in minutes.

Key product features
- Supports full 4K UHD video up to 100m including HDR
- Analogue L/R audio breakout
- LAN loop out for one-to-many extender mode
- Bi-directional IR and RS-232
- PoE (Power over ethernet) to power Blustream products from PoE switch
- Scale the resolution for each receiver
- Supports all HDMI audio formats including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio transmission

Multicast UHD has 4 operational modes
- Matrix distribution with unlimited configuration options (Requires 1GB network switch) 
- Video wall presentation (Requires 1GB network switch) 
- One-to-one HDMI extender (No network switch required) 
- One-to-many HDMI distribution No network switch required)

Be ready for SKY 4K UHD with Blustream

With Sky launching their enhanced 4K UHD service from mid August, the technology driving our market is now taking a giant leap. Sky is broadcasting 4K UHD at 50 frames per second, 8-Bit colour with a HDCP 2.2 encryption. This means anybody wishing to watch the new 4K service must be watching on a compatible 4K UHD HDCP 2.2 display. The same rules apply for any AV receivers or distribution products used within the system.

At Blustream we are focused on ensuring our products work in all distribution environments and are compatible with all the latest resolutions and copyright encryptions. We have therefore been working hard during the last 12 months to ensure we are the first manufacturer to deliver a complete range of 4K UHD HDCP 2.2 solutions, all ready to go in time for the launch of SKY 4K UHD. The new V2 generation of products from Blustream all boast HDCP 2.2 encryption and the ability to pass full 4K UHD signals including Sky.

HDBaseT™ integration solution for Panasonic 4K displays

Over the last few weeks we have been contacted by several integrators regarding compatibility issues with HDBaseT products and all new Panasonic 4K screens. The problems are associated with the HDBaseT chipsets and effects the majority of manufacturers who use this technology platform.

The feedback from engineers and other HDBaseT alliance manufacturers is that the Panasonic screens suffer from a problem that is know as 'clock stretching’. This is the HDMI and EDID information that is carried on the DDC channel. For further explanation please see recent article written by CEPRO:-


From reports in the field this appears to be latest 4K Panasonic screens. A list of several screens that this fault has been witnessed include Panasonic TX-40CX700B, TX-42AS700, TX55CX700, TX-65CX700, TX-55AX902B (and other sizes in this range), TX-40CX680B and TX-55CX740A.

By installing the Blustream HD11AU at the end of the signal chain and connected from here directly into display we are managing the HDMI EDID which resolves the clock stretching issue. This has been tested directly from source and out of Blustream matrix outputs.

We would recommend setting the HD11AU to be an signal end point (mode dip-switch 1 set to 1). The HD11AU can be set to either an end-point in the HDMI signal chain or as pass-through. In both setups the HDMI signal is stable.

EDID dip-switch settings have been tested @ 4K, 1080P and 1080i so is dependant remaining other display devices in your system. Blustream recommend 1080P 2ch as default – see below photo for setup.

The HD11AU is a powered product and requires 5V 1amp supply. We would recommend using supplied power adaptor but have also tested running this from the USB 0.9A 5V power supply of the Panasonic screen and HD11AU has been stable.