Drag and Drop TV Now Available with Blustream Multicast (Europe Only)

Drag and Drop TV is the visually simple and practical way to control your Multicast UHD over IP system. With practically no set up or configuration required its the easy way to deliver intuitive source control without the added cost of a dedicated control system. Features include; 

  • ‘Free’ DemoPad Centro app
  • Preview display shows current content 
  • Simply drag the source image to the desired display
  • Customised user interface available 

IP BRIDGE - IP Multicast Control module for TCP/IP, RS-232 and IR control of Blustream Multicast systems


Our UHD Multicast distribution platform allows distribution of HDMI video over a 1GB Network switch. The IP Bridge Control Module allows simple third party control of the Multicast system using TCP/IP. The system wizard PC configuration program and pre-built Blustream product drivers simplify product installation and negate the need for an understanding of complex network infrastructures.

Key Features

Simple system configuration using the built in Web server to handle network settings etc., then the Blustream PC Program 2x RJ45 LAN connections to bridge existing network to Multicast video distribution network, resulting in:

  • Better system performance as network traffic is Separated. No advanced network setup required.
  • Independently configurable Control IP address Allows simplified TCP/IP control of Multicast System. Local 5V power supply with international Adaptors included. 3rd Party drivers available for major home control
  • brands. 
  • The IP Bridge can handle multiple simultaneous Devices sending multiple simultaneous control Commands. A new feature is the video preview facility for “Drag and Drop TV” simple App control for
  • switching sources to screens. Added features will be available with future firmware updates.