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Multicast UHD from Blustream delivers virtually latency free distribution of HDMI video over a 1GB Network switch. Using lossless compression technology, Multicast delivers HDMI, IR and RS-232 up to lengths of 100m over a single CAT cable. The beauty of Multicast is its flexibility and ease of installation. The industry has been requesting a video over IP solution that can be installed in minutes and without the need for any networking qualifications. Multicast UHD has been developed in line with these objectives and is now ready to deliver a new era in advanced video distribution.

Key Product Features

▪ Easy to set up and install using our comprehensive wizard software. 
▪ Introducing ‘Quick set-up' which allows basic product installation and configuration in just seconds without the need of a computer or configuration software. 
▪ No need for knowledge of networks or creating VLAN’s. 
▪ Virtually latency free (1 frame) delivering flawless image quality. 
▪ Simple EDID management of source equipment. 
▪ Built-in video scaler in the Multicast receiver allows each display to playback its optimal quality video. 
▪ Infinitely scalable to incorporate any number of transmitters and receivers. 
▪ Easy integration with all 3rd party control systems including Control 4, Crestron, RTI, Push, Elan, URC, Savant & Demopad. 
▪ Multicast can be configured in Matrix, Video Wall, One-to-One and One-to-Many modes. 
▪ Free one-to-one training provided at a time and place to suit you. (See below) 
▪ Receivers include LAN loop out to daisy chain and extend distances
▪ Full IR control and IR pass-through for control of the Multicast system and source equipment
▪ PoE from the network switch will power all transmitters and receivers in the system. 
▪ System can be configured with virtually any layer 3 network switch.

In just 4 hours we can provide all of the necessary hands on introductions to the hardware and software, giving you the confidence required to immediately start specifying and installing multicast.

Training overview

▪ Introduction to Multicast Technology
▪ Network Switch Configuration
▪ Guide to PC Configuration Software
▪ Programming Transmitters and Receivers (IP100UHD)
▪ Key Software Features
▪ 3rd Party Control Integration (CM100)

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