For full instructions of how to configure a CENTRO 8M see the following:



In conjunction with Blustream, DemoPad have produced the Blustream Control App. The new app makes configuration and control of a Blustream multi-room AV system as easy as possible. Simple integration of a DemoPad CENTRO C or CENTRO 8M is all the hardware you need to deliver this effective and seamless AV control solution.



For detailed instructions of how to configure a system, see the following:
*A DemoPad Cloud Account is required at a cost to the installer of £10p/m (No contract or minimum duration, just pay as long as required)

£10 p/m cloud subscription provides the following benefits -
- Ability to download and store all projects created in the cloud database (Also allows unlimited redeployment using a QR code)
- Up to 100 projects can be stored and deployed at any time. All updates to a project, either on-site or remotely will be
synchronised via the internet reducing call out and system down time
- The end user pays nothing, all app and project downloads are free
- Full technical and project support from the team at DemoPad
- Access the FULL version of the DemoPad Pro designer software, one of the industry’s most powerful and customisable
control solutions*
*See details of the DemoPad Pro designer software and CENTRO Control app in the next section. -



The Blustream Control app gives an installer the perfect platform to start working with DemoPad for residential multi-room AV systems. The scope of the Blustream app is to make configuration and deployment as simple as possible. As such the level of customisation is restricted to image changes and the number of zones & sources. Once familiar with the Blustream app, the next logical step is to work with the DemoPad Pro Designer software. Using the designer software unlocks a host of potential home automation features.

DemoPad home automation projects are created in the Pro Designer Software and deployed through the CENTRO Control app. Learn more about the DemoPad Designer Software using the following link:


Features of DemoPad CENTRO Control

Advanced control and automation of AV systems, lighting, heating and air conditioning, curtains and blinds, door entry, security systems and more.
All independent 3rd party systems can be consolidated and controlled with ease using DemoPad.
Potential to control any IP device on the network including 2-way feedback
Completely customisable user interface
Option to use dedicated graphics packs or any imported images*
Extensive project templates available to edit or install straight away
Schedule timed or astronomically aware events, such as lights coming on or blinds closing when the sun sets
Advanced macros and actions
Online database of over 100,000 codes
Supports gestures and slider functions
No licensing fees for project installation. Installer pays just £10 p/m for unlimited use of DemoPad Designer Software and cloud storage.

* Subscribers with a Blustream cloud subscription have unlimited access to the Pro Designer software including all graphics packs and project templates.



The CENTRO-C is an affordable 19 inch rack mountable control gateway which can be used with any control system capable of sending TCP IP commands. The CENTRO-C is the heart of your control system, providing a link from your network devices / control system to Infra-Red, RS232 & contact closure devices.


The CENTRO 8 represents a quantum leap in home automation, bringing advanced automation capabilities to the masses, with an affordable control processor and state of the art embedded software. The CENTRO 8 is the heart of your control system, providing information to iOS / Android devices & enabling advanced logic features and control options.


The CENTRO-8M is an extremely cost effective small form factor automation and control processor. The CENTRO-8M is the heart of your control system, providing a link to your IP devices & control via IR & RS232. It also allows you to control your system with a standard IR remote control.